Frankincense (2 oz.)


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Frankincense – 2-oz Bag. Smudging is a very old practice in Appalachian folk magics, as well as American Indians and others. In Appalachia, it’s traditional for the oldest child to carry the smudge, starting from the front of the house and working to the back door (to chase all the impurities and evils outside).

Frankincense treats many health and mental ailments: indigestion, insomnia, asthma, emphysema, congestion, hysteria and anxiety. It is also ideal for use when treating any respiratory or breathing conditions, especially for those who suffer from chest colds or congestion. Skin care options it can be used for include cuts and inflammation, as well as an anti-aging treatments for wrinkles. Frankincense can be used for many internal and external ailments but should never be taken internally.


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